Operators are a form of extension to Kubernetes whereby custom resources (defined by CRDs) are operated upon by an external control loop (a controller).


  • Redis Operator provisions Redis Server and Sentinel infrastructure for application caching.
  • Rook provisions Cassandra, Ceph, CockroachDB, EdgeFS Data Fabric, NFS and YugabyteDB infrastructure.


  • **Azure Service Operator** provisions Azure resources from within Kubernetes, allowing declarative, stateful management of all of an application's resources.
  • **AAD Pod Identity** assigned managed identities to pods, allowing applications to offload management of credentials to the cluster.


Finalisers allow operators to perform cleanup, blocking Kubernetes' deletion of the object until the finalizers property is empty. To signal deletion, the deletionTimestamp field is set to the time of the deletion request.

  1. Prometheus
  2. cert-manager