Envoy Proxy

Envoy Proxy is an edge and service proxy for Cloud computing-native applications.

Response flags

  • UH: no healthy upstream hosts.
  • UF: upstream connection failure.
  • UO: upstream overflow.
  • NR: no route configured.
  • URX: rejected because of upstream retry limit or maximum connection attempts reached.

Additionally, for HTTP:

  • DC: downstream connection termination.
  • LH: local service failed health check request.
  • UT: upstream request timeout.
  • LR: connection local reset.
  • UR: upstream remote reset.
  • UC: upstream connection termination.
  • DI: request processing was delayed for the specified period via fault injection.
  • FI: request was aborted with a specified response code via fault injection.
  • RL: request rate limited locally by the rate limiting filter.
  • UAEX: request was denied by the external authorisation service.
  • RLSE: request was rejected due to an error in the rate limit service.
  • IH: request was rejected with a 401 because it set an invalid value for a strictly-checked error.
  • SI: stream idle timeout, rejected with 408.
  • DPE: protocol error in downstream request.
  • UPE: protocol error un upstream response.
  • UMSDR: upstream request maximum stream duration reached.