Direct Connect

AWS Direct Connect allows customers to get dedicated network connections from their data centres to AWS to facilitate hybrid cloud. It provides high bandwidth throughput for customers running on-premises applications that need to get data in and out of AWS, e.g. for data analysis applications which benefit from free inbound traffic.

Regional availability

Direct Connect locations are not always adjacent to AWS regions.

Technical specifications

Direct Connect provides an 802.1q VLAN with a 1522B MTU (the maximum Ethernet frame size). The service provides customers with a VIF per-VLAN on a connection which can be associated with either a public or private ASN. eBGP peering facilitates route exchange.

Link speeds

There are three offerings available:

  • Directly from Amazon, speeds of 1Gb/s and 10Gb/s.
  • < 1Gb/s through Direct Connect partners.