Cloud Directory

Amazon Cloud Directory is a fully-managed, highly-available, cloud-native directory service. It's designed to allow organisation of hierarchies of data across multiple dimensions. Backing many AWS services, it scales to hundreds of millions of objects with no manual optimisation or upfront capacity planning required.

Its flexible schema allows extension by multiple applications, avoiding duplication of data.


  • Schemas define the types of objects creatable within a directory.
  • Directories are instances of schemas, defining boundaries between directories on the service.
  • Attributes are the stored values of properties of schema objects (boolean, binary, blob, number, string). Can be validated.
  • Facets are collections of attributes that can be associated with objects in the directory.
  • Objects are entities of a given schema.
  • Policies can specify device characteristics or user rights.

Use cases

  • Organisational charts (e.g. by reporting line, location, cost centre).
  • Fleet or device management systems.