Job not starting

Jobs that don't seem to start are usually held waiting for an available agent. If a job is configured to run on multiple agents and one or more agents is busy running another job, nor isn't responding, the stage won't be able to complete.

To check that all jobs have been assigned to an agent:

  1. From the dashboard, click History for the pipeline you're troubleshooting.
  2. From the Pipeline Activity page, hover over the stage that appears to be stuck and click the information icon (labelled see the details of this stage).
  3. You'll be on the Overview tab of the Stage Details page. There'll be one job per-agent listed under Jobs on the left-hand side. Click the yellow entries, as these are the ones currently pending or in progress. Jobs that have started will have a progress bar or time elapsed counter visible beneath their names; you can skip these.
  4. Check the Agents page to see if any are in the LostContact or Missing state. For each of these, follow the steps in Missing agents.