Mainframes (or "big iron") are computers optimised for bulk data and transaction processing, designed to offer extreme availability. They're commonly found in very large organisations.

Open Mainframe Project

The Open Mainframe Project, a Linux Foundation project, is the home of the modern mainframe community. It focuses on the intersection of Linux and mainframes.


Zowe is an open source framework to benefit the Z Platform. It's made up of three key parts:

  • Zowe Application Framework provides a web UI with virtual desktops for some z/OS applications, including a 3270 terminal, VT Terminal, an editor and explorers for working with JES, MVS Data Sets and USS.
  • API Mediation Layer acts as a reverse proxy for z/OS services, REST APIs and dynamic discovery. In addition to MVS Data Sets and MVS, it also provides z/OSMF REST APIs and a framework for SSO.
  • CLI for remote interaction with a mainframe, allowing IDE, shell commands and build tools.

Profiles for the CLI are stored in ~/.zowe/profiles/*/*.yaml.

  1. Z platform