Doors and gates

All gates, doors, and trapdoors can be opened and closed with redstone. Iron doors can only be opened with redstone. They are open when powered, and closed when unpowered.


Redstone lamps can be made from a glowstone block surrounded on all four sides by redstone dust. They are on when powered and off when unpowered.


Pistons extend when activated by redstone power, pusbing the block next to them. There are two types:

  • Normal pistons push a block and leave it in position when the piston retracts.
  • Sticky pistons (using slime balls) pull the block back when the piston retracts.


A block of TNT (sand and gunpoweder) explodes when activated by redstone power.

Droppers and dispensers

Both containers hold nine stacks of items, releasing items one at a time upon activation by a Redstone signal:

  • Droppers gently eject items, or feed them into adjacent containers. Items dropped on the floor will be treated as if a player had dropped them, disappearing after 5 minutes unless claimed.
  • Dispensers behave as if a player had activated them:
    • Projectiles will be fired, not dropped.
    • Flint and steel will light a flammable block in front.
    • TNT will be placed and ignited, usually destroying the dispenser.
    • Bonemeal will fertilise crops directly in front.


Hoppers collect items and transfer them to other containers, in the direction of the pipe (either to the side or below).

Note blocks

Note blocks play a musical note, depending on tuning.


  • Curved rails placed at a junction will switch orientation when powered.
  • Powered rails push minecarts along the track when powered.
  • Activator rails activate minecarts:
    • TNT minecarts will be ignited.
    • Hopper minecarts will be prevented from dropping items.