Retrospective from 3 days of maining

I am absolutely relieved that I no longer have to put up with this device. Just in case there is any doubt, mainline Linux smartphones are not suitable for maining. I knew this going in, I don't need to be told how naive I am for trying.


These percentages roughly correlate with the level of reliability I experienced whilst juggling an on-call shift with a mainline Linux smartphone:

  • 60% of the time my phone had charge.
    • 100% of the time after the first day, I carried a 15000 mAh battery around to keep it juiced.
  • 95% of the time my charged phone could be unlocked without a restart.
    • Some of the time it was flat.
    • On the default Manjaro installation, some of the time it showed some loginctl error message before crashing to a login screen I couldn't navigate without a mouse/keyboard. Hmm.
  • 100% of the time I could send/receive SMS.
    • This is the biggest surprise to me: the radio actually worked reliably and we have competent drivers for it.
  • 90% of the time an outbound call worked properly.
    • 100% of the time it could connect.
    • Audio frequently didn't work in at least one direction.
  • 0% of the time I could hear an incoming call. This made working with PagerDuty really fun.