Glacier is an archival service which offers cheaper storage for infrequently accessed content which is kept on separate cold storage. Retrieval is subject to a delay as the objects are retrieved from cold storage.


The Glacier storage class is designed for archival data and requires a minimum storage duration of 90 days. Retrieval can be offered in minutes or hours, with savings available for slower retrieval. Retrieval is charged per-GB. It's around 20% of the cost of S3 Standard.

Retrieval times are based on the retrieval job's type:

  • Expedited 1-5 minutes
  • Standard 3-5 hours
  • Bulk 5-12 hours

Glacier Deep Archive

Glacier Deep Archive is designed for less frequent access, requiring a minimum storage duration of 180 days. Object retrieval is in the hours, but is considerably cheaper, priced around 4% of the cost of S3 Standard.