Grafana is an open source observability platform for visualisation and alerting based on data in time series databases, developed by Grafana Labs.


  • Alerts can notify you when a value for a specified metric falls outside of a threshold.
  • Dashboards contain sets of visualisations, synchronised with a time series.
    • Panels are visualisations. They can be configured to repeat for each dimension within a given time series.
    • Variables allow parameterisation of queries, and can be set by consumers of a dashboard.
    • Annotations can overlay additional information on panels, e.g. deployment events.
  • Playlists show a series of dashboards in a sequence.
  • Folders group related dashboards.
  • Data sources contain the data and provide the query interface.


The grafana-cli application can be used to manage plugins, migrate data between Grafana versions, and reset the administrator user's password on a Grafana server.

  1. Data sources