minikube offers a simpler means of spinning up a single-node Kubernetes cluster. It supports a range of providers, and uses kubeadm to provision the cluster.


The cluster can be started either as a container or virtual machine, or run directly on the host. The driver used is selected with the --driver switch to minikube start.

Container runtimes


Set defaults for the next fresh start:

minikube config set cpus 8
minikube config set driver hyperkit
minikube config set memory 16384

Spin up a new cluster, optionally overriding minikube's default driver selection.

minikube start [--driver hyperkit]

Stop the cluster:

minikube stop

List available services, optionally limiting results to the specified namespace:

minikube service list [-n $namespace]

Pop a browser open for the specified service, optionally in a specific namespace:

minikube service [-n $namespace] $service

If things go pear-shaped:

minikube destroy