Redstone is a type of ore found in Minecraft that implements electricity mechanics . It can be used to create machines.


  • Redstone ticks are the minimal unit of time for Redstone machines. One redstone tick will occur for every 2 game ticks.
  • Power sources provide redstone power.
  • Power decays based on distance from a power source. There are 15 levels of signal strength (0 means off, 1 is weak, 15 is strong).
  • Powered blocks are blocks which either are adjacent to or are power sources and can be powered. This is generally all opaque and solid blocks.
    • Strongly powered blocks will power blocks and components.
    • Weakly powered blocks will power devices, but not components.
  • Devices react to the presence of power.
  • Pulses are temporary changes in redstone power that eventually revert to their original levels.

  1. Carriers
  2. Devices
  3. Power sources