Blue Prism

Blue Prism is an RPA solution.


flowchart TB SqlServer ApplicationServer subgraph InteractiveClients InteractiveClient1 InteractiveClient2 end subgraph RuntimeResources RuntimeResource1 RuntimeResource2 end ApplicationServer--Sources configuration from-->SqlServer InteractiveClients--Source configuration from-->ApplicationServer RuntimeResources--Source configuration from-->ApplicationServer InteractiveClients--Communicate with-->RuntimeResources
  • The application server marshals queries from interactive clients and runtime resources to the database server, removing direct configuration of the database from them.
  • Interactive clients are development and administration resources for maintaining the Blue Prism resources as processes run.
  • Runtime resources run processes, and are typically unattended.
  • p.r.comp.db.sql-server (Private) (or Express Edition, for non-production environments) stores process and object configuration, user credentials, log data, and a history of process runs.
  • The login agent automates getting a user session running on a runtime resource without operator attention.