GoCD enables CI and CD across a number of agents in a set of environments.


GoCD pipeline schema

In GoCD, a pipeline comprises:

  • Materials as inputs to a build, e.g. source code.
  • Pipelines as definitions of build and release tasks.
    • Stages as sections of a pipeline which execute in series.
      • Jobs as sections of a stage which execute in parallel.
        • Tasks as sections of a job which execute in series.
    • Parameters and templates allow us to reuse the same pipeline definition across multiple pipelines.
  • Resources, used to limit which agents will run which jobs.

GoCD targeting schema

Agents are arranged into environments, defining which agents run which pipelines. Jobs are the smallest units of work that GoCD schedules, and they can be configured to run on one, a fixed number or all matching agents.

For day to day administration documentation, see the GoCD documentation.

  1. Duplicate agents
  2. Job not starting
  3. Missing agents