OpenTelemetry is an open standard for observability focused on instrumentation, generation, collection and exporting of metrics. It's currently in beta, and formed from a merging of p.r.comp.o11y.opentracing (Private) and p.r.comp.o11y.opencensus (Private).

Example architecture


  • Telemetry data is broken down into three key signal types:
  • Semantic conventions define the structure of events:


  • The Specification comprises the data model, API and SDK.
  • The Collector defines a vendor-agnostic means of receiving, processing and exporting data.
  • Client libraries perform application instrumentation.
    • Some support automatic instrumentation
  • Logging is in incubation.

  1. Collector
  2. Logs
  3. Metrics
  4. OTLP
  5. SDK
  6. Traces
  7. Utilities