Prometheus is a monitoring system and time series database capable of collecting, storing, visualising and alerting on metrics. Prometheus's exposition format is evolving into the vendor-agnostic OpenMetrics standard.


  • Exporters
  • Scraping

Data model

  • Metric names identify time series.
  • Labels are key-value pairs represent dimensions.

Get all available metrics

Prometheus federation allows scraping all matching metrics, intended for use in longer-term data storage in something like Thanos.

By visiting /federate?match[]={__name__=~%22some_prefix_.*%22} we can obtain a list all of the metrics matching that prefix in OpenMetrics format. Trim the labels and values from the output (find and replace with (some_prefix_[0-9a-z_]+).*$ and $1 respectively ought to do it), then sort and retain only unique entries (e.g. Vim's :sort u).

  1. Alertmanager
  2. Pushgateway
  3. Thanos