LDAP, the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, is an open protocol for storing a hierarchical directory structure. It's most commonly used for managing technology assets and users and groups.


  • Attributes are key-value pairs.
  • Schemas define attributes.
  • Entries are collections of attributes. Their objectClasses define their attributes.
  • LDIF is a text-based format for representing LDAP data.
  • DITs define the structure of the LDAP tree. The placement of entities within the tree define the type of entity they represent (e.g. a machine vs a person) and where they are in the organisation (e.g. departments).
  • RDN uniquely identifies an entry within a DIT.



Object classes

Schemes and default ports

  • ldap:// on 389
  • ldaps:// on 636
  • ldapi:// occurs over IPC, skipping network sockets