Dotfiles reboot

Having got my old Dell Precision fixed up again and now running Linux, meaning I'm now back using the three major platforms on different machines, I think it's time to find a way to share configuration between the machines. I think Ansible offers a nice structure for organising the configuration with roles, and it supports all the platforms I care about.

Work in progress, but not a focus

I'll continue to extend this as I find more tools that lend themselves to this kind of configuration, but I'm happy with where this for now.

To do

  • Write up Ansible installation instructions:
    • Linux (Ubunutu specifically, for now)
    • macOS
    • Windows
  • Write or source modules:
    • GNOME configuration via gsettings
  • Write roles for shell configuration:
    • shell-config for shrc.d structure
    • starship
    • bash
    • fish
    • zsh
    • tmux
    • httpie
    • vim
  • Write roles for development tools:
    • asdf
    • docker
    • gh CLI
    • git
    • insomnia
      • git-sync
    • jetbrains-toolbox
    • vagrant
    • vscodium