asdf-vm on Windows

Windows 11 seems to be shaping up to be a nicer experience than macOS, but I find myself really missing the convenience of asdf when I'm using it. Let's try porting it.


  • MSYS2 seems like a great base for this.
    • For now let's rely on it being externally installed and its bash being first on PATH.
    • Later we might ship an installer bundling MSYS2 and the configuration we need.
    • We want our files to live in $USERPROFILE, so we need to set $HOME to it:
      • In System Properties add a new user environment variable named HOME with the value %USERPROFILE%.
      • Edit /etc/nsswitch.conf and ensure db_home has windows before other values.
  • We'll need to mess around with $PATH a bit.
    • Windows includes tools like FIND which are incongruent with the Unix tools plugins expect.
    • Can we safely bump C:\Windows\system32 after MSYS2 on PATH in our wrapper?
  • I'm conflating PowerShell with Windows for the time being, we can figure out other platforms later.


  • PowerShell wrapper
  • Command Prompt wrapper
  • Generate *.cmd shims
    • Also need to strip .exe file extension from shell shims
    • Update the obsolete shim removal code to leave valid *.cmd shims alone
  • Get some plugins working:
    • nodejs
      • Depends on Python
      • Will need to get node-build working first
        • To use custom build, set ASDF_NODEJS_NODEBUILD
      • Get binary installations working
      • Generate shims in bin for corepack, node, npm, and npx
      • Get source installations working
    • task
      • Handle binary files having file extensions
      • Extract zip files
      • Use PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE if available so we can run ARM64 builds?